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PRE-PAY & SAVE for YOUR 2019 Lawn Care Season 


NEW and our CURRENT Clients may take advantage of the savings!
So that means you are eligible for a discount every season!

HOW IT WORKS:  Fill out a contact form (at the bottom of this page) requesting "Your Personal Lawn Care Estimate".

We will then measure your lawn using our "Satellite Measuring System", and we generate you an estimate or "Pre-Pay Letter" with a description of the lawn program options, your price per application (or "App"), the Add-ons, and a payment coupon if you decide to mail in a check or your "Confirmation of Services" as "Pay-as-you-Go" Client.​

See a sample of this year's "Early Bird Special" Letter Here​

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OR to skip ahead to the "Pre-Pay Estimate Request Form" Click the worm


When you Pre-Pay for your property's Lawn Program a few things happen, Because you not only pay in advance but, confirm the services ahead of time that allows us to more accurately estimate the amount of materials needed for the season, we can then buy at once in advance as well and save $ and we can then pass the savings along to you! (Win/Win)



We offer our “apps” in programs, we HIGHLY recommend 7 Fertilization Applications/Rounds
for the season (April-November).



Round 1 the custom-blend fertilizer comes with Crabgrass Preventative. And Rounds 2,3,4,5 are all”Weed &feed” Custom-blend fertilizer and spot surface insect &weed control. Round 6 is a “Fall custom-fertilizer” that helps to prepare your lawns system for the cooler temps & Round 7 is also a special fertilizer blended for the Winter, to help strengthen the lawn to power through the cold months ahead. (These “Rounds” are completed approx. every 28 days)
When you get all 7 applications, "Service Calls" in between Rounds are included.

We have a couple of “Add-on Apps” that we highly recommended and most everyone does get them.


The first is a “Grub Preventative” that is applied on the same visit as Round 3. A thick healthy lawn attracts beetles to lay their eggs and in the larvae stage (grubs) they cause a lot of damage and so do the animals coming to feed on them as well. It is much cheaper to prevent than kill the grubs and then repair the bare areas left behind. (IF you do have a grub problem already, in the Fall we can do a "Grub Control" App. to get rid of them and "Over-Seeding" or "Slit-Seeding", and more to alleviate the issue and restore the lawns damage from the infestation.) 



The second is, if you have never had one done or if your lawn is walked on heavily by pets or kids (or cars in the past), we highly recommend a “Core aeration”. That is where we pull “plugs’ or “core of the soil out of the lawn and drop them back down. Therein loosening the soil making it easier for the water and nutrients to get down into the root system of your grass.  We do them in either the spring or the fall.


When you get The 7 Application Fert. Program with BOTH the "Grub Preventive" and either a Spring or Fall Core Aeration, this would be called "YOUR PREMIUM PACKAGE"- and if you should need them "Service Calls" are included. IF you Pre-Pay with an addition of your Email during The "Early- Bird Special" - 
You can have 15% OFF THE ENTIRE PACKAGE and you will receive 1 FREE Exterior Premise Spray

Some people decide to go with 5 App Program that skips the 4th &6th Rounds, keeping the two add-ons and some just get the Grub Preventative w/
These two “Add-ons” and the 7 Apps we call “The Premium Package”.theirfert. Rounds, the choice up to you.