Lawn Care

{The 7 App}

Below is RAL's Lawn Care Program, what we recommend is a 7 Application / Round Program for the BEST results. We use custom blended fertilizers chosen for specific micro-nutrients vital to Michigan's environment and the types of grasses used here.


This program combined with the recommended add-ons below, the proper watering schedule and service calls, provided with 7 App Program, will keep your lawn thick and healthy.

And a healthy lawn is a beautiful lawn.

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4 Ur season

Lawn Care

{The 5 App}

We also offer a 5 Application Lawn Program as well. Which includes Rounds # 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 from the table above. 
This program does not include service calls in between rounds.  But can be a great addition if you are very active with your lawn care in keeping your lawn lush and green.

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