Tips For a Healthy, Well-Manicured Lawn


  • Lawns should be cut at 2-1/2 inches for the first and last cutting of the year

  • Increase the length by 1/4 inch with each cutting until you are cutting the lawn at 3 to 3-1/2 inches.

  • When temperatures are above 90 degrees, the lawn should be cut at 3-1/2 inches.

  • In late October, decrease the cutting height by 1/4 inch until you get at 2-1/2 inches.

  • Weekly Lawn Cutting promotes a healthy, thick lawn, cutting no more then 1/3 of grass blade at a time.


  • Trimming/Weed Whipping should be done the same height as the grass (3 inches).

  • Trimming/Weed Whipping below 3 inches will cause crabgrass and other weeds to germinate.



  • Edging should be done so that the cut is not too deep.

  • Deep edging causes weed seeds to be brought to the surface.




Proper Watering

  • April 1 to May 14 - water is not usually needed unless severe drought conditions.

  • May 15 to June 30 - 2/10 of an inch every other day.

  • July 1 to August 31 - 3/10 of an inch every other day. Cool grass blades with light watering around noon daily when over 85 deg.

  • September 1 to November 15 - water as needed, usually not needed unless drought conditions.

  • November 16 to March 31 - nature provides all the necessary moisture.

  • Do not water between 5pm & 5am.


We will be adding more information on your lawn care or lawn symptoms, diseases, insects and weeds and much more, both here and in the blog, so stay tuned!


Please feel free to give Roger a call 248-990-8533 anytime you have a question that may be more specific to your lawn because they are all different. Roger is always more than happy to give advice on your properties needs.