PRE-PAY & SAVE for YOUR 2019 Lawn Care Season 


NEW and our CURRENT Clients may take advantage of the savings!
So that means you are eligible for a discount every season!

HOW IT WORKS:  Fill out a contact form (at the bottom of this page) requesting "Your Personal Lawn Care Estimate".

We will then measure your lawn using our "Satellite Measuring System", and we generate you an estimate or "Pre-Pay Letter" with a description of the lawn program options, your price per application (or "App"), the Add-ons, and a payment coupon if you decide to mail in a check or your "Confirmation of Services" as "Pay-as-you-Go" Client.​

See a sample of this year's "Early Bird Special" Letter Here​

OR to skip ahead to the "Pre-Pay Estimate Request Form" Click the worm

When you Pre-Pay for your property's Lawn Program a few things happen, Because you not only pay in advance but, confirm the services ahead of time which allows up to more accurately estimate the amount of supplies and materials needed for the season. This makes the distributors happy, save a lil' money, which makes us happy and we can then pass the savings along to you as well.

If you Pre-Pay for The Best Lawn Program ( 7 Apps ), you will get an 8% discount off the total for the season AND 1 FREE Exterior Premise Spray Application!  The 8% will also be applied to any "Recommended Apps" like "Grub Prevention App" or "Grub Control App", that you add to your program and any "Ornamental Tree & Shrub Fertilization and Insect & Disease Control Program","Bed Maintenance Program", or "Irrigation Maintenance Program"

So, it really can SAVE to Pre-Pay.

All you have to do is fill out the form below and we will send you your personalized Lawn Pre-Pay Estimate. Then let us know and send your payment in on or before the date indicated on your estimate letter, and you will be all set through the end of Fall for your lawns health maintenance.

You may mail or call your confirmation and payment into the office. We accept
mailed checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.


Below is RAL's Lawn Care Program, what we recommend is a 7 Application / Round Program for the BEST results. We use custom blended fertilizers chosen for specific micro-nutrients vital to Michigan's environment and the types of grasses used here.


This program combined with the recommended add-ons below, the proper watering schedule and service calls, provided with 7 App Program, will keep your lawn thick and healthy.

And a healthy lawn is a beautiful lawn.

{The 7 App}

Lawn Care

For Entire Season
Includes Any


Pre-Pay for Season

Lawn Care

{The 5 App}

We also offer a 5 Application Lawn Program as well. Which includes Rounds # 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 from the table above. 

However, this program does not include service calls in between rounds.  But can be a great addition if you are already very active in your lawn care, helping to keep your thick lawn lush and green.

In addition to either Lawn Program you choose, we HIGHLY recommended that every property in our service area have
"The Grub Preventative App"
as an Add-On. Grubs can be a BIG problem in all stages of their lifecycle.
Click here to learn more about Grub.

As you can imagine then, it would be both time and cost effective to prevent the grubs in the first place rather than deal with them and their aftermath. Which involves several steps to irradicate and time to regrow and strengthen your lawn.

Just fill out this form & we will promptly send you your personalized lawn estimate, including your discount (s)

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