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Because a healthy lawn is a beautiful lawn

It is NEVER too late to get a healthier lawn.


You do not want to miss out on that or any more important nutrients.

Fortunately, you can still have Round 7 applied, That's our
"Winter Custom-Blended Fertilizer" w/ Micro-Nutrients
specifically give your lawn the extra boost it needs to get ready
for our cold Michigan Winter.
Why not get next year's program set-up and out of the way
& SAVE @ the same time?
(Trick? there is no reason.)

For a limited time, Pre-Pay for 2020
you receive a discount of
15% Off our most Popular Program, that is OFF you ENTIRE Season's Price & 1 FREE Exterior Premise Spray 

And if you starting with Round 7 (the last app of the Season, we'll take your Discount Off that app as well!


Contact us today BEFORE IT's TOO LATE
for more information and to get on the schedule!

Give us a CALL or complete the CONTACT FORM 
Then we will measure your property and get back to you with your free lawn estimate.

ABOUT RAL ...Our focus is on the health and "long-term” beauty of your lawn, trees and shrubs, rather than purely the aesthetics. With RAL you will receive programs tailored to your lawn's specific needs, and your budget. Where your ornamental trees and shrubs don’t just get ignored and left to fend for themselves. Instead they’ll get customized treatment plans depending on the disease or pest that is plaguing them. Applied by applicators who are fully licensed and certified by the State of Michigan in accordance with the state's strict regulations for the application of pesticides.

OUR MISSION... To provide high-quality lawn care at reasonable prices, while minimizing pesticides usage by spot treating infested areas rather than blanket applying to your entire lawn. By staying true to the mission statement, we're making less of an impact on both our customers’ wallets and the environment, while helping to keep your property beautiful,because a healthy lawn is a beautiful lawn.


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Weed Control

Thick, Healthy Lawns get fewer weeds...


Nothing but the best...

Insect Control Applications

A healthy lawn is most attractive to beetles...

One of the best thing you can do for your lawn...

Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care

You do not want to lose these beautiful elements of your yard.

Commercial Services

The appearance of your business or storefront means a lot.

RAL's Seasonal Lawn Care Services for Commercial Customers can Include:


  • Fertilization Programs
       For lawns and other grass areas of property and/or parking lot.

  • Insect & Pest Control
       For lawns, trees, flower and shrub beds.

  • Pre-Emergent & Post- Emergent Weed Control
       Pre-Emergent weed control - with fertilization applications
        Post-Emergent Weed Control - Spot treatment of affected areas*of lawn, beds
        or cracks in the parking lot.

  • Irrigation Services & Repairs

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